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The Non-Dairy Formulary
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Better Butter

Milk, Cream and Cultured Buttermilk

Date-Sweetened Cashew Creamer

Heavenly Whipped Cream

Buttermilk Ranch Dressing and Dip

Cultured Sour Cream

Greek-Style Yogurt

Greek Tzatziki

Indian Raita

Cultured Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese Rangoon

White Cheddar Amandine

Bleu Cheese

Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing

Assorted Cheddars that shred and melt!

Gloucester with Onions and Chives

Brie and Camembert

Brie en Croûte

Pepper Jack that melts!

Firm Mozzarella that melts!

Fresh Mozzarella that melts!

Insalata Caprese with Fresh Mozzarella

Smoked Provolone that melts!

Dill Havarti that melts!

Alpine Swiss that melts!

Muenster Cheese that melts!

Smoked Gouda that melts!

Mediterranean Herbed Feta

Assorted Chèvres

Assorted Chèvres


Ricotta and Cottage Cheese (pictured)

Grated Parmesan


Golden Cheese Sauce (over sliced seitan)

Classic Mac' and Cheese

Scalloped Potatoes Gratin

Sauce Fromage Blanc

Hot "Jack Crab" and Cheese Dip

Seitan and Queso Blanco Enchiladas

TVP Enchiritos with Queso Blanco Sauce

Colby Cheddar Melt

Cheesy Broccoli Potatoes

Jarlsberg Melt (over Seitan Roulade)

Jarlsberg Burger Melt

Tangy Cheddar Melt

Gruyère Melt (over French Onion Soup)

Mushroom, Onion and Swiss Quiche

Sunnyside-Ups with No Yolks Sauce


Eggless Egg Omelettes

Southwestern Scramble

No-No Huevos Rancheros

Garden Frittata

French Toast

Bedeviled Eggless Eggs

Eggless Eggs Florentine

Eggless Egg Salad

No-Eggy Mayo

Classic Cheesecake

Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecake

Crème Caramel

Fresh Fruit Ice Cream

Lemon Meringue Pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Key Lime Pie

Banana Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie

Milk Chocolate Pudding

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